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Plain and simple, consumers are losing trust in brands. Consumers see through false advertising and claims that seem too good to be true. As a result, they are seeking brands that actually stand for something.

With technology at our fingertips, customers make their judgments without you. Whether it be: values alignment, design style, or overall brand perception, loyalty has become fickle, thus causing brands to level up. Therefore, to succeed, brands must strive to do more with less, exceed higher expectations, and offer actual consumer value through products or services.

01 // Identify internal Drivers

Develop Your Brand's Purpose

As a first step, let's elevate your brand's purpose. Consumers want to align with purpose-driven companies that share similar values, especially in this age of skepticism and doubt. So ask yourself, why you?

To Do: Whether you are an owner or employee, start by writing down 4-6 reasons "why" you as well as your customers love your brand. As you dig deep, what keeps you motivated at work? Feel free to work solo or with a team to construct the core reasons that keep you motivated.

02 // Uncover external benefits

Brainstorm What Makes Your Company Unique

Now, how do you think you fulfill your brand promise as you look externally? A brand promise is a value or experience customers can expect to receive when they interact with your company. The more you can deliver, the stronger the value.

To Do: Write down 8-10 reasons people prefer to work with your company. Ask your customers, partners, and team what they think as well. Also, please don't shy away from online reviews. They tend to have great unbiased insight.

03 // Do the research

Analyze Your Points of Differentiation

Your brand is only as strong as the energy you put into it. It requires a calculated look at yourself internally and other direct and indirect competitors. Brand positioning helps create market differentiation, lets you compete on value (not price), and gives consumers a clear road map on why "you."

To Do: Take an audit of your competitors in the market and ask yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the one thing that separates you from the competition?

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