The Movetic Origin Story

We are an ever-changing current of motion born out of a coffee shop in Sunny San Diego. We even created our own word for it: Movetic. No, it’s not a typical word, and no, we’re not a typical company.


Defined by our tagline “stay moving,” we’re in constant motion, and movement is what defines this. We’re constantly moving brands forward delivering high-quality work in a swift and agile fashion. With this constant movement comes forward progression and momentum through staying on top of the latest technology, industry know-how, business trends, and always perfecting our craft. Like our logo also symbolizes, we are a bolt of energy on one end and a tool for creativity on the other, and we’re here to ignite your next move.


Aesthetics is defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste. It’s a word you hear casually thrown around all the time, but to us, it’s half of our existence. We’re are here to ignite passion, creativity, and innovation in everything we do, making the world a more imaginative and beautiful place. Through our combined talent and passion, we can transform something visually stale or uninspired into something captivating and inspiring. Our goal is to make your brand, website, workplace, event and world a more aesthetically pleasing place to be, one project at a time.


We Are the